Here are a few quick and easy techniques I have been using with my class to help them learn quotations for the literature exam.


  1. Half a quotation

Give the students the first half of a key quotation on a worksheet or simply write it on the board for a whole class activity. They have to write down the remainder of the quotation. The following lesson, you give them the second half and they have to write the first.


  1. One word

Slightly more challenging than half a quotation, but give the students one key word from a key quotation and ask them to write the full quotation. This can be extended by asking a student to give out the key word. You could also analyse the significance of the key word, asking students why that particular word was chosen. It can also easily be turned into a competition.


  1. Quotation scramble

Mix up the words of some key quotations and ask students to put them into the correct order. This can prompt a discussion about structure. You could also ask students to do this activity in pairs, each student scrambling a quotation for their partner.



Note that all of these activities are made easier in terms of AFL if your students can use mini-whiteboards, but if you don’t have them worksheets or board / exercise book writing is an easy alternative.


I hope you find them useful!


Learning Quotations

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