I’m well and truly snowed in today and I’ve been taking the time to drink copious amounts of hot chocolate and to reflect. There can be no argument against the fact that teaching is a ridiculously difficult job. The to-do list will never end, we’re up against daily deadlines and the pressure of it all can be completely crushing. I’m guilty of allowing the negative side of the job make me feel anxious, overwhelmed and, at times, downright bloody cynical about it all.


But yesterday I had the privilege of meeting a new class and they were wonderful. We spent the start of the lesson getting to know one another with some nonsense chat cards. In ten minutes, they had gone from sitting in silence to laughing and sharing and getting to know one another on a level that had absolutely nothing to do with the exam. It made me think back to my “best” lessons, where this kind of magical interaction takes place. Of course, I will have to get them ready for the exam. But as I do I need to remember that it is these moments, these precious and wonderful moments, that make this job nothing less than a privilege.

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