Happy New Year!

I hope if you are back in school it isn’t too traumatic and if you are still off are enjoying your remaining PJ days!

I’m going to use my first post of the year to kick-start “Writing Prompt Wednesday”. Here I’ll provide three writing prompts which will hopefully inspire some GCSE writing. They can be used as a full narrative writing task or as short burst, low-stake 200 word challenges. I hope you find them useful.


  1. You’re walking in the forest and stumble upon an old rusted hatch door. You wipe the moss off the door and it says “DO NOT OPEN”. As you are walking away you hear a small voice.


  1. The year is 2025. The first astronauts have landed on Mars. They find a cave with a single human skeleton and four words written on the wall.


  1. Write about a damsel in distress who is actually a villain that captures the heroes that have come to “save” her.



If you have any writing prompts that have inspired your classes, it’d be great if you could share them below.


Writing Prompt Wednesday

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