Here are 50 ideas which could be used to support the teaching of any novel:


1. Sketch a setting map.

2. Write a piece of dialogue between two characters.

3. Write down three questions to ask the author.

4. Rewrite the opening.

5. Explode a quotation.

6. Design a book cover.

7. Create a Facebook profile for a character.

8. Find and justify your favourite quotation.

9. Create a comic strip of an extract.

10. Swap the setting – discuss the effect a totally different setting would have on a scene.

11. Rank the characters according to different categories.

12. Sketch an image which represents a theme.

13. Pick one word – discuss why the writer may have chosen it.

14. Hot seat the characters.

15. Play charades with key quotations.

16. Peer quiz – write a five mark quiz on a chapter / extract.

17. Who am I? Ask a peer questions to find out which character they are thinking of.

18. Ask three “what if” questions about an extract.

19. Write a newspaper report based on one of the themes.

20. Create a “who said what” quiz.

21. Have a class debate about one of the issues presented in the text.

22. If available, watch part of an adaptation of the novel and make a case for it being inferior to the text.

23. Write a historical context blog post in connection to the text.

24. Research and share three pieces of social context in relation to the text.

25. Find the three most challenging words to spell from the text and create a mnemonic for each.

26, Create a list of three fantastic adjectives to describe the main characters.

27. Create a backstory for one of the minor characters.

28. Fill in a gap from the text by writing an extra extract / scene / description.

29. Create and record a radio interview with the author.

30. Write and record a podcast about a theme

31. Use Bloom’s taxonomy to write three challenging questions about the text.

32. Ask students to create a homework to show their understanding of the text.

33. Link an element of the text to a current affair and discuss the relevance.

34. Write an exam question based on the text and plan a response.

35. Write three Twitter posts for a character of your choice.

36. Write a revision guide for an element of the text.

37. Create a class Pinterest board for one of the characters.

38. Create a 200 word challenge for a partner based on the text.

39. Sketch the imagined contents of a character’s bag / drawer / pocket.

40. Write an audio guide tour for one of the settings in the text.

41. Create a bank statement for one of the characters.

42. Bring in an object which you think represents the text in some way.

43. Decide on a colour which best represents a character and justify your choice.

44. Read a quotation from a character out loud and decide on the best way to deliver it.

45. Create an “odd one out” quiz with objects from the text.

46. Decide on an alternative title for the novel and explain why you think it is a better choice than the original.

47. Create a dictionary page for twenty challenging words from the novel.

48. Create a list of at least five websites a character would most frequently visit and explain your choices.

49. Imagine you are one of the characters from the novel. Write and record a monologue of your experiences.

50. Write a letter to the author explaining how you feel about the novel.



I hope you find these useful. Feel free to share any novel ideas you have used in the comment section below!

50 Novel Ideas

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  • November 5, 2017 at 8:29 pm

    A fantastic bumper list. Your students will never lack inspiration with these great ideas. There are a few new ones for me to try. Thanks, Nic!


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