Hi everyone. This is my very first “scheduled” post as I am having a little mini-break – fingers crossed!


Today I’ve got three no fuss, minimal preparation, high impact starters based around questioning.



  1. True or false


Create, or ask students to work in pairs and create, a short true or false quiz based on a previous topic. You could ask them to write and hold up their answers on a mini whiteboard, or simply stand up / remain sitting to denote true or false. Although this is simple it is great for AFL as you can quickly see who has “got it” and use incorrect answers as a starting point for discussion – or even the basis of the whole lesson!


  1. What’s the question?

I love to find new ways to make my students think and this simple activity remains one of my favourites. Simply put an “answer” on the board and ask students what the question could be. This task is naturally differentiated and you could extend it by asking students to work in pairs to explore the “why?” of the question. Simple but effective!


  1. Question catch

You may or may not want to use a soft ball with this one, it very much depends on your class. Ask a student to start by asking another student a question about the topic (and throw the ball to them). You might need to enforce rules such as they must be at least five seats away to avoid friendship stitch up! The student who answers then gets to ask their own question and so on. You can pause at any point to extend the discussion or explore incorrect answers. If you are feeling adventurous you could also include a second ball where the initial question must be explored further.


All of the above take very little or no preparation but, in my experience, can create an engaging and positive learning environment.

Questioning starter activities for GCSE English

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