Revision time is upon us again so I’m on the lookout for useful materials to help my students keep on track with their spelling, punctuation and grammar. Twinkl’s “The Great Grammar Quiz” ticks a lot of boxes for me. Here are six reasons why I found it useful for my students:


  1. It is a PowerPoint in quiz format which is easy to use. It can be downloaded and used immediately. I’m a fan of a “little and often” approach to grammar in a quiz format which can be used for a starter or plenary and this fits the bill.


  1. It has a clear success criteria which includes teamwork as well focusing on the importance of the exam skills. I like to remind my students that the exams aren’t everything and little reminders like these help.


  1. It asks students to RAG rate their confidence in a range of SPaG issues such as apostrophe use and subject/verb agreement before they begin and again once the quiz is finished.



  1. The instructions for the quiz are clear and easy to follow.



  1. The questions are suitable for a KS4 audience. So many resources out there for this kind of thing are focused on KS2 and KS3, it is great to be able to use an off the shelf resource which has material suitable for GCSE students.



  1. It contains not only the answers but the grammar rule for each question. This is great for clarity and potentially useful for discussion as you go through the answers.


Overall the resource saves you time, suits a “little and often” approach to grammar and is suitable for most GCSE English students. Click here to check it out.




Six reasons to use Twinkl’s “The Great Grammar Quiz” for KS4 revision

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