I’m all about saving time for teachers and mixing it up in the classroom. For this reason I’m creating a series of short video quizzes based on key quotations from the literature texts. I’m currently working my way through the main characters in Blood Brothers.

For each character I’m creating a video quiz of key quotations which have words missing. These can be used as quick starters or plenaries. You could also pause on the quotation and use them as a prompt for discussion.

Here’s one for Mrs Johnstone:


I’ve done Mrs Johnstone, Mrs Lyons and the Narrator so far, but there will be more coming this week. I’ll be covering some of the other literature texts too so drop me a message if there is a particular text you’d like covered. Head over to my no prep starter videos section to find them. I’ve also uploaded a ten question quiz for each of the scenes of the first act of Macbeth which I hope you can find useful.

I’m a firm believer that the “little and often” approach is the best way for students to really learn quotations so I hope you are able to use these videos to help your students with this. If you have some ideas for helping students to learn quotations it would be great if you could share them below.

Have a brilliant week!


P.S. Here’s a link to my YouTube channel if you’d like to see more.


Teaching Blood Brothers? Here’s a free key quotation quiz

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