I’m a firm believer that students need to know the various parts of speech in order to succeed in GCSE English. This post contains a few ideas to help them with prepositions.


  1. Classroom disruption

Before the class enters the room move a few things around. When they come in ask for hands up to tell you what has been moved. When they hear the preposition the rest of the class have to stand up.


The bin is in the wrong corner. It should be behind the door.
The books are under Mo’s chair. They are usually on the bookshelf.


  1. Preposition competition

Split the class into small teams. Write a preposition on the board. Ask each group how many accurate sentences they think they can write which contain the preposition in two minutes. Time the activity and each group gets a point for every accurate sentence.


  1. Changing the meaning

Write a sentence on the board and challenge students to change the meaning of the sentence by changing just the preposition. Use this as a springboard for discussion about the importance of each part of speech.


  1. Preposition shout out

This one can be chaotic but it is memorable! Choose a student at random and they have to shout out a preposition. The rest of the class have to act out the preposition. A more sedate version is to draw the outline of a tree on the board and students take it in turns to write various prepositions of place over it.


5. Preposition quiz

I’ve created a short video about prepositions to help students identify them in a sentence. It contains a quiz and answers so can be used as a no preparation starter activity.



Don’t forget this brilliant website I have posted about previously which helps students to identify parts of speech.


Have a good week!

Teaching Prepositions

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