Today’s post focuses on revision of An Inspector Calls. I’ve created three videos which can be used to support this text. Each can be used as a simple starter activity, prompts for discussion or as a quick homework activity. Answers are included on each video to minimise preparation!


  1. Context

This video contains eight questions about the context of the play.



  1. Characters

This video contains lines from various characters. The students simply have to name the character who says the line.



  1. Quotations

This video contains eight key quotations from the play. Each has a word missing which the students have to write down.




  1. Taboo

Taboo is my all-time favourite game. The students always seem to have so much fun with it! I’ve created a bumper version of this and have added it to my TES page if you’d like to use it for some competitive revision.



I hope you find these useful for revision with your students!

An Inspector Calls Revision – Context, characters, quotations and fun!

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