Happy Friday everyone! Here are a few intervention strategies which can be used in the run up to half term:


  1. If you have a sixth form, get them involved! I generally find that GCSE students listen well to their peers who have made it to A-level. Obviously they will be sitting a different exam, but if you ask the Year 12 / 13 students to focus on revision techniques, exam approaches, the important of working hard etc. it can be a really motivating exercise. Best of all, this can be easily and quickly organised for a break time or lunchtime session! Hurrah!
  2. Have you tried a takeaway display? Simply staple some cardboard folders to a display wall. Each folder should focus on a particular question or section of the exam. Fill them with materials for that specific question. This allows students to tailor their own revision. It works really well, you may even find some reluctant students asking for more materials for a particular folder! An hour spent on this can pay dividends. You can even split the work between the department of you have a corridor display you can use.



  1. Hold a table writing session. Get some old wallpaper or table cover and ask students to write key quotations in the middle. Then get creative with the analysis. Ask them to blitz ideas, draw images, make links and associations, close focus on individual words, look up synonyms, link with context etc. Give them coloured pens, coloured card and so on. Encourage them to move around the tables adding extra ideas and challenging viewpoints. I’ve done this in a lunchtime before and had music on in the background for them. The break from the “norm” and more relaxed atmosphere really helped to engage them.

I hope you find these useful. Have a fabulous weekend!




Quick intervention Strategies for GCSE English

2 thoughts on “Quick intervention Strategies for GCSE English

  • February 4, 2017 at 5:54 am

    Wow, we love the Take Away idea! We are mostly teaching on online these day…hmmmm we’ll have to come up with an online version! Thanks.

    • February 6, 2017 at 8:51 pm

      Glad you liked the idea! Have you tried SimpleVLE? I’m sure you could set up some folders on there for your students.


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