My topic for the week is punctuation, so here are some ideas you could try out when teaching commas:

1. Ask students to write a sentence on a slip of paper. They then have to swap it with a partner who has to cut it up and stick it in their books making sure they add some parenthetical commas and extra information. This may need modelling on the board first, but it is “double learning” because the student who writes the initial sentence has to think about how extra information using commas could be added. The different handwriting can also help visual learners “see” the difference between the initial sentence and the extra information. Repeating this activity a few times with different partners will result in a range of examples being stuck in their books for revision. You could add a reward for the most creative addition to make things a bit more exciting!

2. Ask students to bring in a copy of their favourite song lyrics. After revising the rules for using commas (you could use my video under the next point!) they must identify which rule is being used every time a comma is used in their song. This helps to personalise the learning and makes them think of comma rules every time they hear their favourite song – mwah-ha-ha! This could be extended by asking them to write their own extract, which is in some way related to the original lyrics, using the rules they have identified.

3. Finally, you could use my video rule recap and quiz to start off the lesson!

Quick ideas for teaching commas

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