Here’s the last blog post of the week on the topic of punctuation. Here are a couple of ideas you might like to try in order to help your students with apostrophes:


1. When covering apostrophes for omission you could ask students to create their own apostrophe dominoes. They could do this in pair and swap with another pair to test them out. These could also be used as a quick starter for another lesson. If you’d rather the students didn’t create their own, the skills workshop have a set you can use here.
2. You know when you are out and about and you see a glaring apostrophe error on a sign somewhere? Make this part of learning for your students! Have a termly “apostrophe police” competition where students must take photographs of any apostrophe misuse they see outside of school. This has the great benefit of making them think about punctuation outside of lessons and seeing how it works (or doesn’t!) in the real world. You could have prizes for the most mistakes noticed to make it a little more competitive.
3. Display a passage of text on the board with the apostrophes missing. Decide on two actions the class will do, one for possessive apostrophes and one for apostrophes for omission. This can be as simple as left hand up / right hand up or something a little more creative! Read the passage out slowly (or ask a member of the class to do so). When students think there should be an apostrophe, they complete the relevant action. This can be extended by having a discussion about where the apostrophe should be placed and which rule dictates that.
4. Finally, I’ve created another video (with a quiz) which you may find useful for a starter activity about apostrophes:



Have a good weekend!

Quick ideas for teaching apostrophes

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