Most of us are crawling to the end of term. I would say it has been another long one but I’m not sure I’ve ever had one which feels short. I came across an interesting article via the excellent Teacher Toolkit ( about the importance of us teachers taking a proper break over Christmas. I know we all know that we should, but how many of us actually do? You may, like me, take a few days at the start of the holiday to sleep (and more often than not get hit by the hideous cough/cold/flu you’ve so far staved off through sheer will and determination) but then get back to it. After all, your marking pile is probably sky high and there is never enough you can do to prepare for next term is there? The teaching wheels keep turning even with a brief reprieve from actually teaching lessons (which we all know is sadly not what takes up most of our time anymore).

That said, I’m all for taking research seriously so here is my basic but essential list of “me time” things I’ll be making sure I do over the holidays:


  1. Read a bloody book or two. Not one I have to teach. Not a CPD book. A real, read-for-the-hell-of-it fiction book I can enjoy in bed with a cup of tea (I know, rock-and-roll right?)
  2. Spend time with my lovely family without clock watching and constantly having that marking pile on my mind.
  3. Honestly. I love the air at this time of year and heading out for a walk in it is one of my favourite things to do. I may even take my camera.


Here’s a link to the article:,-says-study?utm_content=buffer37d16&utm_medium=social&



I wish everyone a wonderful and relaxed break which contains a different (and shorter) kind of list from the norm.




Take a break!

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