I’ve been re-reading Dr Faustus this week so my writing prompts are all based around the Seven Deadly Sins.


  1. Use one of the quotations from the play as a stimulus for writing. I particularly like Wrath and Gluttony as prompts:


“I am Wrath. I had neither father nor mother. I leaped out of a lion’s mouth when I was scarce an hour old and ever since have run up and down the world with this case of rapiers, wounding myself when I could get none to fight withal.”

“I am Gluttony. My parents are all dead, and the devil a penny they have left me but a small pension, and that buys me thirty meals a day and ten bevers—a small trifle to suffice nature.”



  1. Write a poem about one (or all!) of the Seven Deadly Sins. You can’t use their names.


The next one I love and have seen it prompt some excellent discussion and result in some rather fabulous descriptive writing:


  1. Every hundred years the Seven Deadly sins meet in hell for a tournament. The winner earns the right to be humanity’s most prominent sin until the next tournament comes around.


Finally if, like me, you always try to remember them all and you only get to six on your fingers, in Faustus they are pride, covetousness, wrath, envy, gluttony, sloth and lechery. All in all your average teacher weekend.

Sinful Writing Prompts

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