This week I’ve been thinking about different ways to help my students to consolidate their understanding of the basics. They’ve done a lot of work on parts of speech but I still feel the need to put some kind of “safety net” in place for them. The last thing I want is for them to waste precious time in their exam deliberating whether they are looking at an adverb or an adjective. I’ve been making sure that they don’t use the expression “This word suggests…” in the exam so I need to make damn sure they know their nouns from their verbs. Although this may seem quite basic to many teachers I need my students to feel absolutely secure in their knowledge of the basics.


With this in mind I have created a set of learning mats which I intend to randomly place on their tables in every lesson between now and the exams. Research has suggested that students can see the value of learning mats as revision tools. It also suggests that the important features of learning mats were that they contained key words, worked examples and colour so I’ve tried to tick these boxes and keep it as simple and informative as possible. I’ll be at the laminator in the morning making my mats all shiny and durable. If you’d like a copy of my (fully editable) mats please head to my resources section

Learning Mats – Parts of Speech

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