Credit for today’s post must go to my lovely niece who is currently revising for her A2 exams. In all my years of teaching I have always struggled with ways to make revision that bit more interesting. As we are now firmly into exam revision season for GCSE I thought this would be a nice one to share.

My niece is lucky enough to be studying Blake and is creating a revision wall. She is adding themes, literary criticism, context and quotations to her revision wall. The image below is her starting point. She is adding more ideas all the time which in itself is a useful revision process. We even had a great conversation about the links and connections between the poems which was aided by the display.


Hannah's revision

I’ve been considering ways this could be adopted in the GCSE classroom. In the coming week I am going to use it for revision of literary techniques. I am going to ask for the notes to be built up to include examples and the all-important effects of each. I am hoping that a collaborative approach with lots of coloured sticky notes and ideas on the whiteboard will help to make revision that little bit less dry. With a bit of luck some of my students may just create their own revision walls in their own bedrooms!

Revision Time

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