Here is a quick idea to add some movement to revision sessions.

Ask the learners to work in small groups. Each group must take responsibility for a particular area. This could be anything from creating a success criteria for each exam question or on a particular character or theme for literature. I did this with my class the other day and asked them to use Bloom’s Taxonomy question stems as a basis for their revision. I made sure that some evaluation question stems were included so they really took responsibility for developing their own learning.

Once they have become experts in their topic the group splits. Half of the group visit the other tables to collect information about the other topics and the other half stay at their table to teach the visitors about their topics. Those who collect the information are responsible for feeding back to their original group.

To complete the activity add a graffiti wall task. In their groups learners should aim to fill an A3 page with everything they have learnt in the session.

Jigsaw Revision

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