I’ve been trying a new technique recently – live marking. I’m sure that many, many teachers already do this but it has been a bit of a revelation for me.

I decided to try the technique a couple of weeks ago after yet another weekend buried underneath a huge pile of marking. Of course, the pile is never going to go away (nor should it) but it was high time I put some thought into some strategies to make it more manageable.

In the end it was a simple upgrade from my normal practice. When monitoring the class, instead of just talking with students about suggestions for improvement, I wrote comments on their work during the session. The response to this feedback was surprisingly positive. The students liked having some “solid” feedback. It also reduced a little of the marking pressure on me. Result!


Obviously this is not a technique which could be used all of the time, but in some sessions it can work well and it ticks a lot of teaching and learning boxes. And, of course, any form of positive instant feedback can only help your learners.

Live Marking

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