I’m an extremely visual learner. My degree success was largely due to mind maps, I remember books by their covers and if I didn’t have my trusty supply of highlighters, coloured pens and post it notes I’m pretty sure my teaching would suffer.

visual learner 2

Of course, not every learner learns in the same way but we’re in very visual age so I’m a firm believer in the power of images in the classroom. Here are three quick, no fuss ways they can be used.

  1. Use an image as a simple starter activity. You can use this to prompt discussion, ask the students to create a list of questions they want answers to, or ask different groups to focus on different elements then feedback their ideas to the rest of the group.
  2. When teaching similes, ask students to fold a piece of paper in half and sketch each element of the comparison on either side.
  3. Instead of asking for a brief written summary of what the students have learnt in the lesson, ask them to sketch it. I can be a bit more challenging and force them to think in a different way.

The opportunities are endless. Please feel free to comment with any image ideas you have had success with!

The Power of Images

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