Here is a great activity for developing the reasoning skills of your learners. It can be applied to most topics.

On the most basic level, you can create and cut up a selection of statements about the topic you are covering/consolidating. In pairs or individually, learners should sort the statements into a particular order. Of course, you can set the parameters for the activity by changing the criteria when necessary. I love this kind of task because it allows students to be “wrong” in a safe environment and it can spark some excellent discussion.

The next step is a diamond ranking activity, which is a slightly more complicated version. This time the learners should order the statements into a diamond pattern according to a set criteria. This demands a more complex form of reasoning and should generate more of a discussion than the more straightforward version.

Both of these activities can be extended to include extra challenge by asking the learners to fill in some of the statements themselves or even set the question!


diamond 2

Developing reasoning skills

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