As I’m on a “questioning technique mission” this week, I thought I’d share another idea I’ve tried out today.


Think, pair, share is a great way to engage students. It gives them time to think and try out ideas with a partner before sharing their ideas with the whole class. It helps them to make sense of ideas without being put on the spot and encourages collaboration. It can also be used in large classes, which is a bonus.

I’ve used this technique before but today I added an extra element, I encouraged the students to write down their ideas on a pre-planned sheet. I have a class who are generally quite nervous and reluctant to speak out, despite the fact they have some pretty amazing ideas. This was just one little technique I thought I would use to try and build up their confidence. I’m pleased to say that it worked a treat! The thinking and sharing time really helped them to formulate their ideas and then have the confidence to share. I can safely say that they all made some impressive progress and were rather proud of themselves. I was proud of them too.



Think, pair, share

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